1. How Will My Data Be Delivered?
A: You will automatically receive a download link to your data via email immediately after your payment is processed by PayPal. Delivery for items paid by e-check will be delayed until the payment clears (typically 3 business days).


2. Where Does Your Data Come From?
A: Our business data comes from many sources including county and state business registrations, corporate filings, business publication subscriptions, and business networking websites. Our cell phone and opt-in databases have been compiled from opt-in websites, online subscriptions, giveaways, contests, surveys, etc…


3. Is Your Data “Verified”?
A: No. Our goal is to give our customers as much data for their money as possible. This is what we specialize in. We compile data from hundreds of different sources year-round. It is impossible for us to individually verify the billion+ business and consumer records that we compile each year. True 100% verified data sells for $.15-.20 per record. We choose to sell our data unverified (just as it comes from our sources) at discount prices – making it affordable to everyone.


4. Can I Upgrade From a “State” Database To a Full US Database?
A: Absolutely. We actually recommend that you try one of our state databases before purchasing the full US version.


5. Is It Illegal To Send Emails to Businesses On Your Lists?
No. Contacting a business or consumer on our lists is legal as long as you comply with the CAN -SPAM Act.


6. What Methods Of Payment Do You Accept?
A: We only accept PayPal. However, you ARE NOT required to have a PayPal account to pay through PayPal. They’ll accept all major credit cards and even e-checks in some cases. We have a PayPal Verified Premier Business account with over 20,000 completed transactions and a less than 1% refund rate. You will receive a download link to your data immediately after your PayPal payment is made. Unlike some questionable “3rd party” payment processors used by other companies, your personal and credit card information is 100% protected using PayPal. If a company doesn’t accept PayPal, beware!


7. What If I Have Problems With My Order?
A: Customer support is a priority for us. We want happy customers. Happy customers are repeat customers. If you have ANY problems, contact us and we will work with you to resolve them ASAP.


8. Can I Resell Your List?
A: No. All of the data offered for sale on this website is compiled by us and protected under the DCMA. It is for your personal and business use only. We spend tens of thousands of dollars per year to keep our data updated. It is not fair for someone to purchase our data at our low prices and then resell it. All of our data contains special “markers” to help us track and identify it.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us.